Crewman Recruit James Downs

Name James John Downs

Position Awaiting Assignment - Security/Tactical

Rank Crewman Recruit

Character Information

Gender Male
Real Full Name Lachlan Jacob
Species Human
Age 20
Your Post Code 2565

Physical Appearance

Height 165
Weight 60
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Medium height. Medium build.


Spouse None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Intelligent and a quick thinker with good reaction times.
Hobbies & Interests Video games. Hologram programs

Personal History Born on a federation star base. Joined starfleet at 7 as a cooks assistant. Joined the academy at 10 and became a security officer at 15. Ranked up 5 years later to chief security officer.
Service Record Cooks assistant at 7 years of age
Academy student at 10 years of age
Security officer at 15 years of age
Chief security officer at 20 years of age