Lieutenant JG Digi Talis

Name Digi Talis

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Real Full Name Lara Schilling
Species Liberated Borg Drone of Vulcan/Terran/Betazoid origin
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5
Hair Color Blue; on accidental contamination by Bolian cells in follicle regenerator
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Borg implants have been fully removed after successful experiments by EMH Mk-I and Annika Hansen.


Personality & Traits

Personal History Digi Talis was born on Stardate 42587.3, upon an ill fated science mission exploring the border of the Beta Quadrant. Her father was a Vulcan, who had unusually gone through the Pon Farr early, and sought a mate, Digi's mother offered to be the seed.

When Digi was two years old, the ship was attacked by a Borg cube that had killed most of the crew and assimilated several officers. Digi's mother had managed to escape in a shuttle along with several other officers, but it went missing. The Borg took Digi and placed her in a maturation chamber for several years. When Digi was 16, she was commissioned as a maintenence drone and served under her assignment as 3 of 8 for the next 6 years in the Delta Quadrant.

When Digi was 23 years old, during her routine maintenence, an electric surge severed a cable and she suddenly became self aware to her surroundings. She ripped herself out of the chamber, taking several cables with her and sought an escape. She found a pod which she launched herself out from, all scared and alone. The pod had intercepted a residual signal from 11 years earlier, when USS Voyager was stuck in the Delta Quadrant. Since the trans-warp hub was destroyed, she set up her pod into a slip stream warp with the instructions found from the signal, and coordinates to Earth.

Upon arriving in the Alpha Quadrant, a Federation ship found a weakened and unconscious, but alive Digi in her pod, and took her upon their ship, and realized they had to get her to EMH Mk-I and Annika Hansen immediately.

After performing numerous procedures and extracting all Borg implants, Digi was given the chance to familiarize herself with her surroundings, and learn about her heritage. The United Federation of Planets placed her with the crew of USS Tydirum to meet new people and bring her knowledge of system maintenence to the ship.

Digi's blue hair is a result of accidental contamination of hair follicle stimulators with a Bolain's DNA. Hilarity ensued, but Digi likes it.