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Join the USS Tydirium Crew!

In order to better serve your needs, we will need the following information.

Our Command Staff will then contact you soon as possible and assist you in becoming a member of the crew.

How should we introduce you to the crew? He? She? They? Them? Etc...

Our chapter does various things amongst its membership, we'd like to ask you a few questions below to better gain an understanding of what you're looking for in our group.

Our chapter enjoys the live action role play aspect of Star Trek fandom where members of the crew play a particular role aboard a fictional starship, in this case the Prometheus Class, USS Tydirium, our chapter.

Being a fan of Star Trek (which is why we believe you've decided to join our gallant crew), what fictional department do you feel best suits your interests.

(Please note the "Command" department is not an option at this time.)

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