Vice Admiral Greg Mortensen

Name Greg Mortensen *

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Vice Admiral

Last Post

Character Information

Gender Changeling
Real Full Name Greg Mortensen
Species Founder
Age 2000+ Estimated due to nature of the entity that is "The Great Link"
Your Post Code 2747

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight Varies
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Prefers a Terran appearance most of the time, possesses a higher degree of skill at shape-shifting than Constable Odo of Deep Space Nine, or the Founder known as Laas.

Blood Type: O-Negative
(All Founders exhibit this blood type in Human form)


Spouse Prue Hill

Personality & Traits

Hobbies & Interests Enjoys reading Starfleet Technical Manuals, and working on the latest ship building projects.

Enjoys watching 20th/21st Century Earth Movies and TV shows.

Learning to improve his changeling abilities.

Occasionally walks along the outer hull the ship to take a break from the crew. V'Pier does this without a environment suit as he does not require air to breathe, nor protection from space due his shape shifting abilities.

Personal History Place of birth: Founders Homeworld, Dominion, Gamma Quadrant

Classified by Section 31
Service Record USS Tai Shan NCC-2524 - Ascension Class - 7th Fleet
Assistant Chief Engineer - Lieutenant
Starship Mission: Assigned to 7th Fleet, Patrolling the Nu'Yok Sector

Starship Status: DECOMMISSIONED - USS Tai-Shan was decommissioned after 95 years of service.

USS Sarek NCC-72075 - Galaxy Class - Beta Sector Patrol
Assistant Chief Engineer - Lieutenant Commander
Executive Officer - Commander
Commanding Officer - Captain
Transferred - Runabout Nile for new assignment to Starbase 51.

Starship Status: MIA - USS Sarek has been rumoured to be lost during the Dominion War.

Starship Status Update: FOUND - USS Sarek has been recovered, drydocked, repaired and sent back out for active service. Currently assigned to its first Commanding Officer. Further Details Classified by Starfleet

Runabout Nile - Nile Class Runabout - Classified
Classified by Section 31

Starbase 51 - Spacedock Class - Classified
Classified by Section 31

Retired from Starfleet / Federation Service
Rank at Retirement: Admiral

USS Orion Star NCC-75025 - Sovereign Class - 11th Fleet
Reactivation of Starfleet Commission, Voluntary demotion to Lieutenant.
Transferred - Command Officer in transit to USS Tydirium.

Starship Status: ACTIVE - Patrolling the Newcastle Sector

USS Tydirium NCC-74930 - Prometheus Class - 11th Fleet
Commanding Officer - Captain

Regional Coordinator 11th Fleet - Fleet Captain
(Promoted to Fleet Captain upon temporary assignment as 11th Fleet Coordinator)

Commanding Officer - Fleet Captain
(After completion of Regional Coordinator assignment)

Commanding Officer - Commodore
Assigned as Vice-Chief, Fed-Net Services, Starfleet Command

Reappoined for second term as Regional Coordinator 11th Fleet
Rank Unchanged, USS Tydirium NCC-74930 reassigned as 11th Fleet Flagship

Promoted to Rear Admiral, USS Tydirium NCC-74930 continues as 11th Fleet Flagship

Completed Second Term as 11th Fleet Regional Coordinator,
returns back to Commanding Officer Duty
USS Tydirium NCC-74930

Commanding Officer - Vice Admiral
Promoted to Vice Admiral, USS Tydirium NCC-74930 continues as Commanding Officer

Starship Status: ACTIVE - Assigned to Sollertia Station for field testing the latest Federation Technologies and LCARS software. When not assigned to field testing duties, the USS Tydirium patrols the Sydney Star Cluster.