Fleet Captain David Hines

Name David J Hines MD *

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Fleet Captain

Last Post

Character Information

Gender Male
Real Full Name David Hines
Species Hologram
Age 42
Your Post Code 0800

Physical Appearance

Height 170
Weight 80
Hair Color White
Eye Color White


Spouse Nil

Personality & Traits

General Overview Work for St John Ambulance NT as a Patient Transport Officer, I'm also a 3rd year Paramedic student at ECU (Perth).

I'm also a College director at SFA, overseeing 5 colleges.
Hobbies & Interests Painting miniature figurines

Personal History I left school many many moons ago, which works out to be close to the time of horse and carts. I had a few jobs until I enlisted in the Australian Defence Force - Army, during which I had the opportunity to travel around Australia and done a 9-month deployment in Timor Leste. After 15 years of service I decided to discharge from the Army to become a civilian and try to have normal life. Upon leaving the Army, I moved to sunny Darwin (where is still reside) and after many years decided to go to University and get a degree in Bachelor of Science (Paramedical Science). I am about to start (2016) a new chapter of my working career and start working for St John Ambulance).
I was married for 20+ years and only recently separated last year, i have two daughters (20 & 18) respectively and have a 1 year old grandson and my second grandchild is due early next year.
I'm an easy-going person, I can get very passionate about my hobbies (Star Trek) and when I put my heart to something I want to put 110% into completing it.
Service Record Joined STARFLEET back in 2004 and was required to leave due to personal reasons, I re-joined in 2012 and come aboard the Tydirium in that same year. I started to participate heavily with STARFLEET Academy courses, and ended up creating a few Colleges that I could see as lacking. I ended up taking over the running of five Colleges within STARFLEET Academy, to which I still operate now.
I moved up through the STARFLEET rank structure, until I reached the rank of Lt Commander. It was around this time I decided to leave the Tydirium and launch my own Chapter (USS Arafura), which was a 29th Century time ship. 12 months after its launch, I was left with no option but to decommission the chapter due to a lack of members available in the area. I decided to re-join the Tydirium crew and so here I am.
During my time as the CO of the USS Tydirium, I was appointed as the Regional Coordinator for Region 11 that lasted for approximately 14 months. During which time, I continued the previous work started by other RC's, upon the completion of my term I decided not to resit for re-election due to personal issues that were happening at the time.
During my years of service, I successfully completed all the medical orientated courses within STARFLEET Academy, as well as all the medical courses with STARFLEET Marine Academy. I earned the rank of Fleet Captain within STARFLEET and was given flight surgeon clearance with STARFLEET Marine Corp.