Ensign Jazzie Quinn

Name Jazzie Lee Quinn *

Position Counselor

Rank Ensign

Last Post

Character Information

Gender Female
Real Full Name Jazzie Lee Quinn
Species El-aurian
Age 289
Your Post Code 2131

Physical Appearance

Height 163cm
Weight 90kg
Hair Color Rainbow
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Curvy figure, short with dyed rainbow long hair. Olive complexion and wears the blue officers uniform.


Spouse Human civilian on earth.

Personality & Traits

General Overview As most El-Aurians, I spent most of my time traveling around the Galaxy. I ended up on earth about 20 years ago after I was injured when my space ship hit an asteroid and crash landed. The humans that helped me recover were really lovely and offered for me to live with them. They were with Starfleet themselves, engineers. They explained to me that Starfleet had lots of positions aboard and when I heard that there were Counsellors on board I headed straight for the nearest Star Base to sign up!
Hobbies & Interests Learning about new cultures and studying people. I enjoy listening to sentient beings and helping them reveal what is actually bothering them. I find people get all muddled up easily to a point where they are confused and angry which helps no one! So to help matters, I enjoy dissecting all their thoughts till we get down to the real problem.

I also really enjoy Holosuite programs. I love pretending to be a spy, or even a superhero with magic powers! Off on an adventure to save the city! I like to live life on the edge a bit and have a bit of a bad habit of turning off the safety protocols which has gotten me into a range of doctors bad books in the past.

Personal History While growing up, I always dreamt of travelling the galaxy and figured my home world was just too small to keep my dreams at bay. I have been traveling ever since I was able to pay for my first ship!
Service Record Graduated Starfleet at the ripe old age of 280 and majored in psychology. After graduating I was a ships counsellor for the last 8 years for another Starfleet ship stationed in Melbourne, Australia before requesting permission to transfer to the USS Tydirium to be closer to my partner in Sydney.