Crewman Starlina Nova

Name Starlina Skye Nova MD *

Position Medical Officer

Rank Crewman

Last Post

Character Information

Gender Female
Real Full Name Stella Roberts
Species Terran
Age 42
Your Post Code 2290

Physical Appearance

Height 160cm
Weight 60kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Fit and healthy, hair short and straight. Olive complexion and slim build


Spouse John Nova

Personality & Traits

General Overview Love working with a team, however do need time to be alone a recharge after a busy day. Like to take time out for daily meditations.
Hate closed spaces and feeling trapped, working on dealing with this during my time on the holodeck. I have a friendly nature and able to talk to most people.
Hobbies & Interests Love running and reading in my spare time. Enjoy ceative activities and trying new things.
Have an interest in the archeology of all species, studying the origins of inter planetary species during my time pre Star fleet.

Personal History Grew up on the West coast of Australia with 1 brother and 4 sisters. All living. Lived a lot of my life on the road travelling to see Australia. Mostly home schooled in my early years. Loved being on the road and experiencing many lifestyles and meeting interesting people.
Settled on the East coast to study medicine to enable me to help others. Joined the flying doctors before being accepted into Starfleet
Service Record This is my first mission aboard a Star fleet vessel completing my training 6 months ago.