Lieutenant Kiarni DuSora

Name Kiarni Rena DuSora *

Position Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Last Post

Character Information

Gender Female
Real Full Name Jasmine Pryor
Species Caitian/Bajoran Hybrid
Age Unspecified

Physical Appearance

Height 5 foot 4
Weight 48 kilos
Hair Color Varying shades of red, black and auburn
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description A mixture of both Caitian and Bajoran genetics yet lacking in the most distinct markers of both races i.e. an abundance of fur or a mane, pointed ears and/or a tail (Caitian) and/or nose ridges (Bajoran), possibly due to Human ancestry somewhere along the line. Of slight build and stature she non-the-less possesses the iconic physical mannerisms of her maternal race and the facial structure of her paternal race with a personality somewhere in between.


Spouse Unspecified

Personality & Traits

General Overview An unequal mixture of what are considered typical Caitian and Bajoran personality traits. Takes a while to adjust to new people and situations and as such tends to remain in the background to 'suss out'. Once comfortable though, Kiarni is often quite boisterous and one-track minded - much like an old Earth race horse that has been blinkered.
Hobbies & Interests Collects shiny things. Rank insignia, badges, gemstones etc from all corners of the Federation and beyond. Is fascinated by other species and cultures and often amalgamates some of their lore into her own philosophy.

Personal History Found as an adolescent (assumed - due to her hybrid nature exact age could not be determined) cub in the wreckage of a crashed cargo freighter with severe injuries by a passing craft of the Andorian Imperial Guard. Once recovered she was handed over to a Starfleet science vessel where she remained and although not a member of Starfleet was trained as a communications officer until the ship was crippled by an anomaly and the crew forced to abandon ship. After the destruction of the science vessel, she resided on Starbase 11 where she owned a small shop selling gifts and trinkets until she could procure passage to Deep Space Nine. It was during her time on DS9 that she came into contact with the crew of the USS Tydirium and eventually joined as a crewman. Showed great promise in the communications field. Banned from the engineering decks after swatting at a loose hanging (and very important) data cable, accidentally cutting primary and auxiliary power to all decks. First time the Captain asked her to man the helm she accidentally flew straight into a Dominion mine field at Warp 4 with shields down. Never again asked to man the helm.
Service Record Enlisted onto USS Tydirum as a crewman in Communications, 8.2013. Passed OTS exam, promoted to Ensign on 1.31.2014 and reassigned to duties in shuttlebay as Commander of the Shuttlecraft Hunter on 3.30.2014. 5.18.2014, promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade. Stepped down from Shuttle Commander duties 4.2015. Resumed role as Communications Officer.