Lieutenant Commander Digitalis

Name Digitalis *

Position Assistant Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Last Post

Character Information

Gender Female
Real Full Name Lara Schilling
Species Liberated Borg Drone
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5
Hair Color Colouful
Eye Color Black


Personality & Traits

General Overview Full of bad puns.

Service Record 2013
Into Darkness opening weekend, Event Cinemas Liverpool

USS Tydirium Bridge Console build
Oz Trek 10
Mardi Gras with Super Showgirl Cosplay
Oz Comic Con booth

Sydney Symphony Orchestra x Star Trek promo (MX)
Starfleet x Pharrell Williams "Happy" video
Oz Trek 11

Oz Trek 12
Beyond premiere @ Entertainment Quarter
Oz Comic Con promo and live telecast (Sunrise)

USS Tydirium Wall Panel build
Oz Comic Con

USS Tydirium Botany Bay