Lieutenant Kalos Onett

Name Kalos Onett Dr *

Position Shuttle Commander

Second Position Chief Counselor

Rank Lieutenant

Last Post

Character Information

Gender Male
Real Full Name Christopher Barre
Species Betazoid
Age 30
Your Post Code 2790

Physical Appearance

Height 187
Weight 108
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black, (Enjoys wearing green or blue contacts though as a personal preference)
Physical Description Being a Betazoid, his appearance is almost identical to most Terrans, sans his jet black eyes. However, he has always been quite fond of the colour green and blue, and as a result, he normally can be seen wearing coloured enhancements to his eyes in order to hide his traditional Betazoid namesake.


Spouse Vulcan - T'lona

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kalos is amazingly cocky as a result of his higher than normal empathic abilities, as shown with the fact he is always trying to anticipate people, read them, and figure out their motives before they do themselves. He doesn't like people who lie, or are closed minded, and is quite the free spirit.

Despite all this, he is a very kind soul, and will always give everything he has to ensure anyone close to him is taken care of.

Hobbies & Interests Anything to do with psychology, and the study of humanisms, Kalos loves to explore the reason why anyone does anything.

He also has a fascination with Earth culture, finding many 20th/ Early 21st century music and movies to be fascinating, as they showed a glimpse into Earth before the Federations formation.

Loves food, very fond of almost all Terran cuisine, and enjoys trying anything new and exciting, his favourite food is the humble cheeseburger, and will go out of his way to have one if given the chance.

Personal History Place of Birth - Earth, San Francisco Stardate-42808.5

Kalos Onett was born to Betazoid migrants, who when they discovered the beauties of the West Coast of the United States on Earth, they could not leave the planet. From a very young age, he showed a higher aptitude of empathic, and telepathic abilities then normal Betazoid children of his age. As a result, he would be consistently mocked by his peers growing up, and looked as a freak and an outcast for most of his life, as many Terran children would be unable to understand his mannerisms.

This would never get Kalos down, as with his telepathy, he could read the minds of fellow students, and torment them with their worst fears, although he was punished many times for his play, he always saw it as a form of self defence.

Upon reaching the age of 16, Kalos finally met someone who understood and could relate to him, a young Vulcan female by the name of T'lona, who for some reason Kalos couldn't read. As a result of this anomaly, he was drawn to the girl, and without his instinctive ability to probe into ones mind, she didn't seem disturbed by his social outcast self, nor was she repelled by his anticipating personality, and the two became incredibly close. In time, they would be married when they both reached the age of 24 in Sydney, Australia.

When Kalos was 22, he left for the Starfleet Academy in order to pursue a background in the Medical and Sciences department with a focus on Xenopsychology. The time with T'lona over the years, he realized that his empathic abilities were better used for the greater good, then to torture people and make them feel despair. It was here that he began to use his empathic abilities in order to help ease minds, and he found peace in becoming a rock for people to express their mental fatigue to.

At the age of 26, Kalos graduated with high distinctions in his class, he would have ranked higher in his classes, but he had a knack for getting caught attempting to read the minds of his professors. Having a rocky first year, and in one instance almost getting expelled for cheating, he vowed to not use his abilities on his teachers ever again, and worked towards his goal of a degree.

Hoping to become a ships counsellor, he applied for membership of the USS Tydirium upon being approached by Commanding Officer, Commodore V'Pier while he was celebrating his graduation at Starbase 2790, located in the Lithgow Star System.
Service Record Starfleet Academy-
Medical and Sciences Division with a Major in Xenopsychology.

Assigned to the USS Tydirium - Medical Department - Counsellor 22.05.2015

Passed Officer Training School, Honors - 24.05.2015

Promoted to Ensign - 26.05.2015

Promoted to Lt. Jr Grade. - 05.08.2016

Promoted to Lieutenant - 13.07.2019