The USS Tydirium was established on Stardate 64672.1 (March 3rd 2011), and Commissioned Stardate 65430.5 (December 19, 2011). The Tydirium is part of the Australian/New Zealand Fleet of Starfleet International and is based in Sydney, Australia with shuttles covering Goulburn, Newcastle, Wollongong & Brisbane too, all working together to provide a richer Star Trek Fandom experience.

Our members have a wide variety of interests ranging from all kinds of Science Fiction and fantasy fandom, television & movies.

The Tydirium members have regular meetings, events, outings, we enjoy attending conventions around New South Wales. The crew get together and learn to build Star Trek props both big and small like our Holodeck & Bridge Helm, as well as smaller props like Phasers, Commbadges, Rank Pips, and so on.


If you are thinking of joining the ship or would just like to get some more information feel free to contact:

Fleet Captain
Fleet Captain Greg Mortensen
Commanding Officer
Commander Prue Hill
Executive Officer



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Collectormania Penrith

05/07/15, 9:00am

USS Tydirium

The USS Tydirium will be setting up our table for ...

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Real life Borg ship spotted or Hoax?

Either way, we better get prepared to be assimilated ;)
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Secureteam10 is your source for the best in new UF...

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